A downloadable game for Android

Sway your phone from side to side to intercept the incoming rocks, you 

will need to intercept the rock twice before you can destroy it, once
with the front ship and then with the back ship. Do not intercept the
rock with the back ship before you have intercepted with the front ship
or else it will be game over. Each time the back ship get damaged the
game will restart again with some deduction of the points you have
previously earned. To end the game just press the back button of your
android phone! There is no level in this game, just one level and you
can play all day if you like or stop and continue the next day, your
points will be saved and you will start from there onward! This game is
only runs on mobile phone!

Install instructions

Download the apk file to your android phone and install it. This app is only for mobile user, not for tablet and etc.


LoneMoon.apk 3 MB

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